I find myself at a crossroads once again. A little distance from the crossroads, technically. Verily, I must face it.

In its own mysterious and roundabout way, Schrodinger's Cat is like a story that helps us understand how weird things get at the tiny, quantum level. It shows that tiny particles can exist in multiple states at the same time, kind of like how the cat in the story can be both alive and dead until someone looks in the box.

This story isn't about energy being both waves and particles, though. The idea is more about how stuff like electrons and photons sometimes act like waves and sometimes like tiny particles, depending on how we study them in experiments.

"Depending on how we study them"

Is it, then, possible to alter the states in which we exist, simply by altering the way we observe ourselves?

The crossroads I find myself at is neither a problematic one nor a particularly pleasant one. It is just that, a crossroads.

Take, for example, the very fact that I'm writing about it. There is a physical, real-world manifestation of my act of observing my own circumstance. Is this proof that something will change? Or is it just another failed/successful experiment in the back room of a mad scientist's laboratory? I dunno.

Philosophers (Socrates) have said that the unexamined life isn't worth living. Sure, but the pressure to perceive oneself is sort of onerous. But that's fine.